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Author Topic: Release 1.68  (Read 1184 times)


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Release 1.68
« on: June 25, 2023, 12:28:01 AM »

New in Version 1.68:
+ Added new function: RegionContainsImages
-   Minor bug fixes

New in Version 1.67:
+ Extraction of images from PDFs. New IvyImage collection.
+ OCR support via Tesseract library. Added Image.OCR() function and OCR parameters to PdfReadOptions
+ IvyUIElements.dll provided for netstandard version
+ Minor UI improvements – parallel loading, search the grid, row numbers in the results window
+ MatchesPattern function now supports escaping special characters
- Change in default token merge logic. Merging tokens having different fonts is now allowed. It fixes issues spotted in some documents, but may break extraction for others.

New in Version 1.66:
+ Moved some code into new library IvyUIElements.dll, allowing to re-use UI forms in custom applications
+ Added option TableKeepCurrentPosition to IvyOptions class, so it can be set globally

New in Version 1.65:
+ Added option "KeepCurrentPosition" to Table() and Grid() functions
+ Added new function: Backtrack()

New in Version 1.64.3:
+ Expanded DLL search locations to allow IvyPdf work in Azure Functions environment

New in Version 1.64.2:
- Minor bug fixes

New in Version 1.64.1:
- Fixed issue with reading Excel files in .Net Core
- Fixed issue with referencing custom DLLs in .Net Core
- Fixed issue with some PDFs that return negative page size
- Fixed issue with exporting tables containing null values to Excel