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Author Topic: Release 1.4  (Read 3468 times)


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Release 1.4
« on: January 27, 2018, 09:26:11 AM »

We are happy to announce release of IvyPdf 1.4

Changes to IvyTemplateEditor:

+ New UI, resembling Visual Studio style with docking and floating windows.

+ New template explorer improves template management experience. Drag and drop is supported to move, copy and re-order fields, making it easier to manage complicated template scenarios.

+ You can now preview List<T> and IEnumerable objects in the IvyTemplateEditor, so you can use your favorite Linq syntax.

Some API changes:

+ Introducing IvyDocument class, containing all info necessary for parsing.

+ IvyPdf.dll has been split into two parts, with separate IvyDocumentReader. This allows for more flexibility - e.g. you can use only lightweight IvyPdf.dll to work with Ipb files. Also you can use 3rd-party libraries to read PDF files or other file formats into IvyDocument format.

+ All file operations now support byte[] array, which is useful for various caching scenarios or reading files from other APIs (e.g. Amazon S3 or Google Drive).

+ Added a few new DataTable extension methods. E.g. MatchHeader(param string) checks that table header matches expected column names - useful for validation rules or building logic to find the right table out of many.

IvyTools team
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