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Title: Beta Release 1.32
Post by: admin on October 17, 2017, 12:24:52 AM
New in Version 1.3: 8)

+  IvyPDF now is reading lines from PDF. Lines can be used by Table() and Grid() methods using these options:

+ Table columns can be specified by exact position:

+ Table “end position” can be determined when distance between rows becomes larger than a predefined value:

+ Added export to XML
+ Command-line processing is now done by a separate executable – IvyTemplate.exe
+ Templates functionality can be used from .Net directly, using IvyTemplateLib.dll
+ Token operator overload – tokens can now be added/subtracted/multiplied/etc directly
+ DataTable.Update extension method

New in Version 1.32:
+ Improved table recognition algorithm.
+ Improved UI – allows to test various table options, shows column borders (resizable)